Super Super Acting Workshop with Sara Gaston today, thank you Sara!
Handsome Grayson in Academy Sports + Outdoors!
Lovely ladies in Pinto Ranch, Crystal and Emily
Have fun EVERYONE!!!!! Haley. Laurymar, Matthew, Courtney, Eric, Eric, Nicky and Tatyana!!!! What a great group of people!!!!!
You never know where you will find a model. Working hard for US Oncology and McKesson! Thank you Charles, Christen, Kevin, Linda, Tammy and Yolanda. Great work!
Great shoot with Jamie and Ena for Fogo De Chaos!! There were many others on this shoot, but the images aren't out yet. Great job ALL!
Beautiful Courtney Rae in PC Mary's Bridal!!
Looking SUPER fantastic ladies in Pinto Ranch Kaylie, Crystal and Emily!!!!!
Teamwork!! Genevieve and Alexandra